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Our Home

Please come fellowship with us!

is Your Home!


Our Santuary

This is our new sanctuary constructed in 2010.

Santuary Foyer

Foyer with information center.

Santuary Interior

This is the inside of the sanctuary that will seat approximately 200 with stage for a 10 to 12 member worship team. There is a baptistery behind the stage area.

Sound Booth

This is our sound booth with 28 circuit audio mixer and that also controls the two overhead projectors and two electric screens. Also located here is equipment for the interpreter with transmitters and receivers to individual headsets.

Original Chuch

Purchased in 2008, this is our original church facilities that we still use for youth meetings, Sunday school rooms and two multi-use rooms. We have a covered walkway between this building and the new sanctuary.

Fellowship Hall

This is our new Social Hall, located a few hundred feet from our main sanctuary.  It has a spacious lighted parking lot that will accommodate 45 to 50 vehicles and is located at 1140 South Troup Street.

Dining Room

This is our dining room that is about 4300 square feet. It will seat over 200 people at the round tables. It's wired with 4 speakers in the ceiling for music and public address. We use this for church dinner and wedding parties and other occasions.

Commercial Kitchen

This is a fully equipped commercial kitchen with 12-foot automatic exhaust hood, deep fryer, char-broil 6 burner stove with double oven and griddle  and broiler, vegetable sinks, triple deep sinks, 3 8’ foot stainless prep tables and a large pantry.

Manantial de Vida is a Hispanic & Spanish church in Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia and one of the leading churches in Valdosta, GA caring for and working with the interdenominational and multicultural Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, and Mexican communities.

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