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Through our community outreach we touch the lives of thousands each year. But to be successful, we need your involvement.

Please review our outreach programs below to find the one that is right for you.

Then, please contact us to find out how you can help!



Mission Mexico
Baja, Mexico


We have a relationship with Foundation for His Ministries, which started as an orphanage in Baja, Mexico and has grown to three more branch orphanages in mainland Mexico.  The founder of Foundation for His Ministry, Charla Pereau, has spoken at Manantial De Vida.  The church supports this ministry on a regular basis.

Kairos Prison Ministry
Valdosta, Georgia


Pastor Ceja is a member of the Kairos Community and has been a counselor on many evangelistic weekends.  The church supports these weekends on various occasions by cooking food for the inmates and Kairos team.  Also, sometimes they bring the worship team into the prison to provide praise and worship music.

Options Now 
(Pregnancy Support Clinic) 
Valdosta, Georgia


The church has a close relationship with this ministry.  We stand ready to volunteer any services needed such as interpretation, etc.  We support the Baby Bottle Fundraiser and the Annual Dinner Fundraiser Banquet.

Migrant Works Outreach
Valdosta, Georgia


Teams from Manantial de Vida Mexican church, Valdosta, GA, Georgia go to the local work-camps, have cookouts, provide music by the Worship Team, distribute food, tracts, and share the Gospel.

Valdosta Prison Ministry
Valdosta, Georgia


Pastor Ceja and the church are part of this ministry where the inmates who join Kairos come to a Monday night meeting for two to three hours and the inmates are discipled.  Sometime the church will provide refreshments and snacks.

2nd Harvest Food Bank
Valdosta, Georgia


Manantial De Vida Church is a member of the Second Harvest Food Bank.  The church operates a food bank out of the church to anyone in need.

Community Evangelism
Lowndes and Surrounding Counties, Georgia


The church will take teams out into the community and do evangelism, play and sing music, cook hot dogs, hand out tracts and share the Gospel.

SGMC Hospital Outreach
Valdosta, Georgia


Pastor Ceja and other members visit the hospitals at various times when there is a need.

Lowndes County Jail Ministry
Valdosta, Georgia


Pastor Ceja and some of the Elders will visit anyone who needs encouraging as needs arise.

Community Needs
Lowndes and Surrounding Counties, Georgia


The church is sensitive to the Holy Spirit to reveal any need in the community and will use all resources and assets to help as well as assist in projects such as helping to roof a home, provide transportation, deliver donated furniture, appliances or food to those in need.

Manantial de Vida is a Hispanic & Spanish church in Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia and one of the leading churches in Valdosta, GA caring for and working with the interdenominational and multicultural Spanish, Hispanic, Latino, and Mexican communities.

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